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For the last 16 years the team at 920-CASH has been one of the largest private purchasers of residential real estate in all of Central PA. In our 16 year career we have purchased more than 1,200 properties from sellers just like you.

As a result of our long history buying properties for cash, we understand real estate at a level not many investors do. This knowledge and experience allows us to find solutions not many others would have even thought about. We are extremely well funded and able to act very quickly when needed.

Our team has more than 50 years combined real estate investing experience. Below you will find bio’s on our senior management team.

  • Zack Wiest
    Founder and CEO

    Born and raised in Harrisburg, PA, Founder and CEO Zack Wiest, resides there today with his loving wife and two amazing twin girls, Skai and Sarai. Zack bought his first investment property in 2000 while still in his early twenties. He has been a full-time real estate investor/redeveloper ever since. He has gone on to acquire over 1,100 properties throughout Central PA with a combined fair market value of $112,000,000.

    Zack has been recognized for his accomplishments in real estate both locally and nationally. He was the recipient of the prestigious Blue Vase Award in 2005 from CREOnline.Com and just recently won the “People to Watch” award from the internationally distributed magazine, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. Zack is also the organizer of Landlords and Investors Mastermind Group, the largest residential real estate investing organization in Central PA with over 600 active members. Zack was honored to be named “Master Investor” in 2015 by Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine.

    An entrepreneur since he was a teenager, Zack has started and grown several successful businesses. He founded 920-Cash in 2006 with the intention of bringing legitimate opportunities to serious individuals looking to diversify into real estate. Zack believes in actually doing what he teaches others to do, and as a result his current residential portfolio is comprised of over 100 rental units all located throughout Central PA. When Zack is not buying or selling real estate for 920-Cash he is helping others achieve success investing in quality real estate.
    Zack lives by the mantra, a quote from his favorite author Napolean Hill --
    "What you can conceive and believe, you can absolutely achieve."

  • Matt Hockley
    Director of Acquisitions

    Matt Hockley has lived in Central PA his whole life. The son of a successful insurance salesmen he was taught to treat his career as his own business even if he was working for someone else. That is exactly what informs his approach to acquisitions for 920- Cash. Matt brings a passion for finding and making the best deal out of every property.

    Matt has been a licensed realtor for 17 years and has spent that time developing experience and relationships in the investment property world that are an irreplaceable asset to 920- Cash. Drive down any street on the East or West shore and he can point out properties that he has been involved in on either the buyer or sellers side of the transaction, and many times both.

    Matt is a loving and involved father of his 15 year old daughter and 4 year old son that is the spitting image of what Matt looked like at that age. When not working Matt can be found enjoying tennis, mountain biking, skiing, or maximizing his steps on his fit bit.

    If you were to sum Matt up in one word it would be devotion. No matter how late his clients or the other members of the 920- Cash team emails or texts him, he can be counted on for a reply in under 2 mins. His hard charging style is tempered by professionalism. He has a heart that truly looks out for the people around him. The company is lucky to have him on our team and happy to call him a friend.

  • Alan Swanson P.E.
    Director of Construction

    Alan Swanson grew up in Warren County, PA and moved to Lancaster in the 70’s after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State. He has been married to his wife Beverly for over 40 years and has 2 grown sons.

    He spent 35 years successfully leading manufacturing organizations, including 30 years at AMP Inc./Tyco Electronics. He relocated 8 times during his corporate career and bought and sold a home with almost every move. Buying and selling real estate became a hidden passion that was enhanced watching real estate programs on TV and finally taking a real estate investment course.

    When his corporate life ended, he found he could apply his corporate leadership and management skills to real estate investing. Seven years ago, he started in own real estate investment company and bought, rehabbed, rented and refinanced 23 properties in 21 months. He then applied that knowledge and skill to flipping almost 20 properties over the past 2 years. He has been a featured speaker on real estate investing several times and enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone interested in learning more about the industry.

    He has also been very active in his professional organizations and his church where he served as a congregational leader several times, including 3 years as congregational council president.

    Alan is a strong believer in Steve Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, particularly habit #2: “Begin with the end in mind”. It is thru that lens he leads the transformation of worn out properties into a product that investors are happy to own and tenants are happy to call “home”.

  • Yashira Cruz
    Office Manager

    Yashira is the oldest of 3 children. Her father is a pastor from Brooklyn NYC. The family moved back and forth from New York and Puerto Rico. Spending years at a time in missions and church work in Puerto Rico. She grew up speaking Spanish and learned English in school. When she moved to the states at age 11, it was important to lose her accent but keep her love of her native language and is teaching her children both English and Spanish.

    In 2001 her father moved the family from the city to central PA. It was here Yashira earned a Psychology degree from Penn State, met her husband, and started a family of her own. The Lord has blessed them with 2 young children of their own.

    She attends the Spanish church that her father is pastor of. Yashira and her husband are very involved in the youth and young adult programs at the church. To this day she considers her mother her best friend. The church community and family is what Yashira’s life revolves around. Having her mother close at hand is a huge help with her 2 young children that both women dote on and spoil rotten. Kids are only small for so long so Yashira is savoring every moment while they last.

    When Yashira came to work for 920-Cash 3 years ago as Zacks’s personal assistant he knew he needed some help, he just didn’t know how much. Within weeks of her hire he was wondering why he waited so long to bring on an assistant and supremely grateful no one scooped her up first. She was delighted to find a rewarding job within just 2 weeks of her PSU graduation. Her duties now, include all facets of office management. As the US lending landscape recovers someone needs to serve as a link between banks and clients to insure smooth loan processing. Yashira’s skill set ideally suits her for these tasks.

    Yashira exhibits a calm demeanor and poise while solving problems in the high stress fast pace of day to day real estate investing. Characteristics that are so emblematic of an eldest child and strengthened by a deep and abiding inner faith.

    Having Yashira on the team allows Zack to focus on what he does best, interfacing with clients and big picture strategic planning for the company.

  • Miriam Yordy
    Director of Accoutning

    Miriam Yordy has been in the real estate industry in one way or another for the past 24 years. A native of Harrisburg, PA she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Penn State University. Over the past 25 years she has worked as a mortgage processor, including owning her own firm; a residential loan officer, a residential real estate agent and also as a successful real estate investor. She has completed several real estate deals over the last seven years and enjoys restoring distressed houses to their original grandeur.

    Miriam is currently working in the settlement and accounting division at 920-Cash. An original member of the company, she has been a part of the management team since inception. Her experience is invaluable and she excels with her attention to detail and strong work ethic.

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